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100 Year Anniversary

Since its creation, STEF has criss-crossed the railways and then the roads to allow the circulation of foodstuffs. It has created a strong network that enables it to serve an enriched and diversified food experience, making consumers travel right to their plates.
Wagon STEF

A passion for food

For 100 years we have been passionate about our core business, food. It is this passion that drives us, every day, to put ourselves at the service of producers and consumers. Since its creation in 1920, our group has constantly evolved to better connect the players in the food and consumer sectors by ensuring the quality, respect of deadlines and the health safety of the products entrusted to us. We continue to innovate to meet the requirements of our customers' consumption: multiplication of distribution channels of all types, diversification of products, acceleration of flows, etc.

Behoud van het milieu

Challenges of the centenary

Aware of the ecological stakes and the need to act at all levels, STEF places environmental protection at the heart of its strategic plan and implements a proactive and sustainable environmental policy. Reducing pollutant emissions, controlling energy consumption, optimising operating resources and recycling... Since 2009, we have been committed to the ADEME's CO2 Objective program. Since then, we have sought to reduce our carbon footprint, notably by implementing new organizational methods and experimenting with less polluting alternative technologies.