Bodegravern extension grand opening
15 Nov

Bodegraven extension grand opening

Thanks to its 8000 m2 extension, STEF Bodegraven is now STEF’s strategic site for its Dutch activities.

STEF Bodegavren is the new Group’s flagship in The Netherlands, totaling 14.500 m2.

A new site located at the heart of Dutch food market players.

Located between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, STEF Bodegraven is now the new flagship of STEF in the Netherlands. Its negative and positive cold storage facilities have been extended to 14.500 m2

On November, 17th more than a hundred of local and international partners and clients celebrated ist grand opening which marks also the launch of the STEF brand in The Netherlands.

STEF now offers Dutch food market players a 24-48 hours delivery for Benelux as well as a link to European markets thanks to STEF international network

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