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Our HR policy

United to reach new heights

STEF places people at the heart of its commitments. The Group has built an HR policy that values talent and gives everyone the means to build a career that is right for them. We support our employees in their professional training and personal development. We work together to strengthen the social and cultural diversity of our team. Joining STEF means sharing experiences with dynamic and innovative employees who support each other. Come and meet us!
Participatieplan voor werkneme

Employee shareholding plan

Our committed employees can take part in the company's success, having the option to become shareholders. This system is an integral part of the Group’s history and corporate culture, and a high number of ‘employee shareholders’ is considered as a leverage for boosting STEF’s effectiveness in its business.
For 25 years, this model has reflected the Group's involvement with its team and their personal projects, helping them build their own savings plan.

Our job offers
Diversiteit: een prioriteit


Aware that diversity is an asset and a driver of efficiency, STEF promotes a corporate culture that respects all visible and invisible diversities, and offers everyone the same opportunities to access employment and progress in the organization in all the countries where the Group operates. STEF wants everyone to be able to find their place and develop their full potential.
A dedicated team within the Human Resources Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with and promotion of these principles.

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Middelen voor ontwikkeling beschikbaar stellen

Enable individuals to progress

Our training policy is forward-looking, preparing for the transformations and needs of the labour market and thus increasing the employability and enthusiasm of our team members.
Through certified training programs, we offer the opportunity to grow internally, enriching personal and professional skills.
70% of management and executive positions are filled by internal promotion.
At all levels, employees are supported throughout their professional careers. This support allows them to ensure that their aspirations correspond to STEF's needs and creates the conditions for a strong commitment.

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STEF Graduate Program

STEF Graduate Program

Our continual talent search is carried out through specific offers and spontaneous applications. Did you graduate in engineering, economics or other related fields? Sign up!

The STEF Graduate Program is a two-year-long course divided into three phases:

  1. Immersion in the business and discovering operational activities.
  2. Growth in taking on responsibilities. You will take on increasingly complex tasks specifically for professional and personal growth.
  3. Planning and preparing the role and responsibility you will take on by the end of the period.
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