Work at Stef

High level of services is at the heart of our business. Our employees are therefore the key element of our success and our clients’ satisfaction.

Promote the development of the company’s men and women.

At STEF, This objective is a reality: 70% of executive and senior positions are filled through internal promotion. At all levels, employees are supported over the course of their career. This support in their professional career ensures that their aspirations match with STEF’s needs and creates the conditions for a strong commitment.

STEF has implemented career management schemes: annual development meetings, skills assessments, internal job board and key post reviews. These tools, gradually deployed across all countries, are used to develop employee skills and identify talent at all levels of the organization, so that everyone can progress within the company.

Work at STEF

Graduate Program

Initiative-taking is one of the key values of the STEF Group. In order to attract young talent, every year STEF recruits over 80 young management graduates in Europe with at least 5 years of high educational background, motivated to be decision makers and to run businesses enterprising. They follow a two-year course (graduate program) across the Group’s sites to acquaint themselves with the business units, which is a guarantee of the success in their future professional career. Many partnerships with universities and schools have been concluded renewed in all over Europe.


Aware that diversity is an asset and a driver of efficiency, STEF promotes a corporate culture that respects all visible and invisible diversities, and offers everyone the same opportunities to access employment and progress in the organization in all the countries where the Group operates.

A dedicated team within the Human Resources Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with and promotion of these principles.

Employee Shareholding Plan

STEF has made the principle of employee investment in its capital a unique model in its business sector. STEF employees staff own 16.38% of the capital through the dedicated company mutual fund (FCPE). This system is an integral part of the Group’s history and corporate culture, and a high number of employee shareholders is considered as a leverage for boosting STEF’s effectiveness in its business. Over the years, the employee shareholding has become a motivation tool for employees and is a strong element for social cohesion. 62% of the Group’s workforce has shares in STEF through this mutual fund.

This is now being deployed in almost all the countries where STEF operates. In 2016, the employee shareholding plan was opened to the Netherlands, with a take-up rate of 24% among Dutch employees.