Social Initiatives

STEF’s social initiatives promote professional integration of young people and rely on long term partnerships with local associations.

Helping young people access the world of work.

STEF supports associations or institutions that aim to help young people who are experiencing difficulties to enter the world of work. In 2016 the Group signed four agreements with employment organizations that help locally youngest in their search for the right job, notably by developing their self-confidence through sport, mentoring and internships.

Value of solidarity and perseverance.

In the same time, STEF wants to spread the value of solidarity and perseverance that characterize the Group. STEF cooperates with local and national associations, notably by providing transport and logistics assistance for food products. For example, STEF transported 775 tons of food in 2016 for the French association “Les Restos du Coeur” or the Spanish food bank’s warehouses.

Beyond this technical assistance, STEF developed with them training and skills-based sponsorship for their volunteers. The objective is to help them professionalize their supply chain organization and also facilitate the professional integration of their beneficiaries.