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Taking care of our employees

Our employee safety and well-being

Our employees are the driving force behind our performance: their safety is our main priority. STEF’s safety culture is shared by managers and employees serving the well-being of our teams
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Developing a safety culture

People are at the center of our company. Improving workplace safety is therefore a central aspect of our social policy. We have created a workplace safety program covering all our operations and teams: STEF includes safety in its operational processes, implements targeted safety actions and promotes awareness among all disciplines. To be successful, our workplace health and safety policy demands the involvement of all our teams: managers in charge of ensuring compliance with health and safety rules, and the employees concerned by their execution.

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Cultivating well-being at work

We want our employees to feel at ease in their work environment. STEF strives daily to ensure the physical and mental well-being of its employees. STEF is promoting the growth of its employees. We involve our teams in the Group’s development, we want to give all employees the possibility of benefiting from STEF’s success through participating in employee shareholding program. STEF is aiming to leverage this approach to boost its teams’ motivation and to commit definitively to the human aspects.