Quality Management

STEF is fully committed to deliver high reliable services in terms of business performance and sustainable activities.

Performance management process

In June 2016, STEF became the first certified refrigerated transport network in France after obtaining ISO 9001-2015 certification for its performance management process. This demanding policy was reflected in the strong performance of the quality indicators throughout the year.

Carbon Footprint

With two CO2 calculators certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, STEF can provide its customers with:

  • the carbon footprint for transport services, regardless of the loading or unloading point, travelling to or from the European countries in which the Group operates;
  • the carbon footprint for the logistics services carried out on their behalf.

In 2017, STEF has updated its transport CO2 calculator in order to give its customers information in CO2e (Greenhouse Gas).

Quality management

Health & Security

STEF pays close attention to any potential threat to the cold chain and to the environment in a market where all transport and storage activities are highly regulated (sanitary certifications, sites authorizations, transportation controls).

Internally, our efforts are focused on two fields:

  • adapting and improving our equipments and tools to make them safer and more reliable,
  • and the quest for new technologies to reduce their impact on the environment and to save energy.