15 Nov

Launch of the STEF brand in the Netherlands

In November 2017, STEF has chosen to unify its activities under a single brand to reinforce its Dutch and European footprint

STEF, the European leader of temperature controlled logistics, has chosen to reinforce its Dutch presence by using its single brand name for all its local activities. The brand STEF is now visible in seven countries in Europe.

A strong heritage and a long track record.

STEF set up in the Netherlands in 2014 with the acquisition of SPEKSNIJDER TRANSPORT, a well-known specialist for food transport and logistics. This presence was consolidated in 2016 with the acquisition of VERS-EXPRESS in 2016 and the minority stake that was bought in the NETKO company. STEF’s development strategy has here again rely on long term partnership and mutual comprehension with its clients through well-established local partner and teams.

STEF in the Netherlands has now 350 employees and run more than 20,000 m2 in three sites : Bodegraven (14.500 m2), Eindhoven (2000 m2) and Raalte (2500 m2).

The launch of the STEF brand in the Netherlands represents a natural unification of these activities and connects more deeply Dutch food market players to the south European markets through STEF international network of 225 sites across Europe.

An ever-growing international footprint

STEF European history started in 1989 when the Group started its cold transport and logistics activities in Belgium, Portugal and Spain. Since then, STEF never stopped investing in different sites across Europe and is now in 7 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands).
This ever-growing footprint helped the Group to position itself as a key partner for European food market groups, as well as local players in need of transport and logistics solutions for domestic as well as import or export solutions.

Launch of the STEF brand in the Netherlands: